General Contractor / Construction Manager (GC/CM) is an alternative delivery method that works well for large-scale, complicated mechanical construction projects.  During the design phase, the general mechanical contractor is brought to the table early, and the team formed by the owner, the architect and the GC/CM work to develop the completed design, scope of work and project timing.  A guaranteed maximum price for construction is then provided by the GC/CM who assumes the risk of all costs over their total cost of construction bid.  GC/CM allows for contractor review of critical job areas that influence scheduling, pricing, services and deliverables during the preconstruction process, which improves quality of plans, decreases contractor learning curve, and reduces later constructability clashes.

Working as a GC/CM, Betschart Mechanical participates in a collaborative team alliance.  During the design phase we provide construction management services and share in the decision making process about systems, schedules and deliverables.  We work with team members to produce constructability reviews, value engineering and analysis, cost estimating, lead time for resources, and scheduling services.  Our early project involvement results in more control of resources and processes, which allows us to confidently guarantee a total cost of construction.

Our collaborative GC/CM process brings together the building owner, mechanical contractor, architect, and other trades.  Because owner and partners review plans together, a better mechanical design is achieved.  The result is lower project cost, less construction time, and increased control of contract specifications and systems.

Betschart Mechanical’s early involvement in complex GC/CM projects facilitates many benefits:

  • Design to construction times are shortened and allow for accelerated construction schedules.
  • Construction clashes are avoided before they result in costly changes
  • Equipment specifications are controlled to better suit owner’s budget and schedule need.
  • More complex projects can be built from coordinated planning
  • Risk is mitigated with a set maximum price
  • Increases project quality based upon contractor qualifications, not just low bid


Our qualified Design-Build professionals work diligently to identify your unique objectives, and evaluate options to maximize project performance and return on investment.